Why You Need Dog Liability Insurance

October 3, 2009

What is Dog Liability Insurance?

dog liability insurance Are you prepared to protect your dog? Does your dog have a tendency to show aggression? Pets are unpredictable. Your dog may seem cute and innocent but any pet can snap and bite when they see a passerby, a house guest, or just plain unfamiliar people. This could cause serious injury or worse, death to the victim. This kind of unexpected situation can warrant lawsuits. When this happens, how does the dog owner deal with such risks? The solution is to purchase dog liability insurance. Most states will hold the dog owner legally responsible for the damages done to individuals or property by their dog. This type of insurance policies reduce the financial risk dog owners cope with whenever their dog happen to behave violently to people or damage property. With these policies, the financial loss and destruction caused by their dog is covered.

Optimum Protection

Every dog owner must have dog homeowners insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for injuries caused by dogs or pets in general. It also covers at least $100,000 for personal liability. This is protection at its optimum because it enables the dog owner’s insurance company to compensate for the accidents and injuries caused by a dog. Also, since it is most likely that the dog owner’s loved ones and neighbors are the victims, having insurance ultimately protects the people who are dear to the dog owner. This insurance guarantees that priceless relationships are protected in case a dog shows aggression. Protect yourself, your dog, and others and get dog homeowners insurance.

Dog Liability Insurance in California

At the moment, dog-inflicted injuries are not accepted by some insurance companies. Certain insurance companies even refuse to provide home insurance to owners of breeds of dogs that can be found on the dangerous breeds list. The dangerous breeds list includes dogs which have a reputation for violence such as Pitt bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, and other breeds. Keep in mind that if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, then it is more likely that the insurance provider will deny coverage. In some cases, even if a dog has not caused harm to anyone, an insurance company may still deny coverage or require a higher premium. The good news for Californian dog owners is that Einhorn Insurance, a California insurance company, provides such type of policies that cover dog breeds included in the dangerous breeds list with the exception of those that have a recorded history of biting. Einhorn provides liability coverage for your pets around the world. This means that you can be assured of protection even if you are located outside California or the USA. Einhorn even offers automobile policies that cover pet medical bills, up to $600 per incident, if they are injured in a covered car accident. Additionally, they offer many other types of coverage such as CA life insurance. So if you are a dog owner who is worried about the future, find out about insurance policies on dog-inflicted accidents. You cannot afford to run the risk of not having insurance. Search for California insurance quotes to compare the different plans offered by various companies.